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Career Resolution: The Benefits To Applying to Jobs in December

Career Resolution: The Benefits To Applying to Jobs in December

As the new year approaches there are many workers in various disciplines and areas of business who may be seeking new opportunities in their professional careers. Often times, these people will begin their job search after the holidays. There is a misconception that many employers will actually go on a hiring “freeze” during this time period, however this far from the case. According to a CNNMoney article, 69 percent of recruiters surveyed by ExecuNet, an online executive career network, said they place as many, or more,candidates in December as in any other month. 

How is this possible?  Here are some reasons why December is the ideal time to aggressively apply to new jobs.

  1. Less Competition: There are far less candidates applying during the holidays. Maybe they’re traveling, busy with family and other obligations, or they have the “I’ll just wait until the new year mentality” Take advantage! The chances of your resume being noticed increase substantially.

  2. Stand Out: The mere fact that you showed initiative and applied during a time when so few do is not lost on a potential employer. A hiring manager will see this as a strong character trait. If you’re willing to go the extra mile just to apply it shows you’re willing to do that in the position you applied for.

  3. Budgets Reset: The possibility of your application turning into an offer letter immediately once the new year begins is quite real. Companies budgets reset, that includes the hiring budget once the calendar turns.

  4. Recruiters are easier to reach: People in these roles tend to travel less during the holidays, especially if their support staff is away. You’ll have an easier chance speaking with the correct contact.

  5. Networking Opportunities: With a seemingly endless calendar of social events, the holiday season offers several opportunities to mingle with new business contacts. A bit of facetime is beneficial, especially  but keep it informal. Don't hand out your resume at parties.

  6. People Tend To Be More Helpful: The spirit of the season extends recruiters and HR departments. No one wants to come off as short, especially during this time of year. “The holidays are quite possibly the one time of year when people are at their most gracious and charitable.”

  7. Keep The Momentum Going: Don't let the fast approaching holidays be an excuse for you to stop your job search. Persistence pays off. If you remain consistent, no matter how difficult it might be to find the motivation, will pay dividends long term.

If you’re in the position to make a career change during this time of the year it can be a bit overwhelming. However, the advantages in seeking and applying to different employers around the holidays put you in a prime position to start the new year off with a great new opportunity. Happy New Year indeed.